Doug Peterson

Doug Peterson learned about jazz along side his best friend ‘Ricky G’ ( in the late 1980’s. When Ricky moved away to attend college, Doug traveled to San Diego to begin his worldwide adventures. Moving to Japan was a culture shock but Doug made many new friends (brothers, really) and took up SCUBA diving. While open water diving with humpback whales he became fascinated with sea life. He spent the next 3 years in and around the Pacific Ocean. Doug took a boating tour around the Middle East to briefly visit many exotic places. He volunteered to help restore hope for some people in Africa.

After a few illnesses, Doug decided boating wasn’t for him. Needing to dry out, he spent the next year living in the Mohave Basin, sleeping under the stars, pondering the coyote howls, forgetting bass lines.

In 1999, Doug settled in Grafton with his wife and started a painting business. One day an old acquaintance contacted him to “sit in” for a few sets at a jazz club.

Determined to get back into the music scene, Doug started playing in a few local rock bands. After a couple years of very loud, very late, very tired music Doug picked up with a new soul project ( that became a live music production company for hire. Soon after, Doug met Fabian Qamar while performing with The Radio Rosies (

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