Fabian Qamar

Fabian Qamar (FEY-byən kə-MAR) has been around the music called jazz since before he was born and he has been fascinated with it and enamoured of it as long as he can remember. The son of jazz and world music luminary Nadi Qamar (aka Spaulding Givens) and actress, dancer, and singer Rose Qamar, Fabian is active as a singer, multi-instrumentalist, teacher, conductor, arranger, improvisor, and composer.

He embraces musical realms from the church to the club, and from the concert hall to pickup jam sessions. Fabian is as happy to sit at the feet of Bach or Poulenc as he is to learn from the wisdom of folk and world music. He even enjoys mainstream music, sometimes. But—in a way not quite like anything else—the music called jazz has called relentlessly and irresistibly and held a deep and constant place in his soul. For Fabian, Jive Safely is an answer to that call and a pursuit of its dazzling enchantments, rooted in the past but reaching to the future, reveling in the sheer fun of making great music with great musicians for other human beings to enjoy. 🙂

Fabian is also a human being and enjoys many things in addition to music, including the quest for holistic growth and balance, savoring time with family and friends, sleep, water, good food, drinking in nature, dancing, reading things worth thinking about, playing volleyball, and watching football and other sports. Fabian earned his Bachelor of Arts in Music from Lakeland University and his Master of Music from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

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